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Let’s discover experiences together

Here I will update on various topics of technology and banking as best I can extract from trusted experienced and skilled people around me. What is the aim? …. will frankly too build knowledge and work from home skills on technology and banking topics and practices that would otherwise require in office and or shadowing skilled people for years to attain.

I am a technology graduate currently pursuing a master’s in technology security …. but other than the odd term free work placement,  today,  I am regarded as inexperienced for the greater job market. This as many of us in the same boat knows very well, is a rather uncomfortable discussion with recruiters and potential employers. Now yes, there are exceptions taking the risk to engage fresh graduates and that we must acknowledge and applaud.

Through this blog, I will aim to explore and write on topics that should navigate us through various technology and banking subjects that would not generally be known without experiences …… so I and we will learn, debate, challenge, and discover experiences and information.

Social media platforms can and do offer a host and variety of chats and information …. here let us turn information into knowledgeable experience able to be used to our advantage.